The simplest way to build an app for hospitality businesses

If you are looking to boost your business with digital tools but worried it might be too complex, our building blocks are probably the solution you have been looking for.

Building blocks are essentially bite-sized, user-friendly components of a full app, offering streamlined functionality focused on a specific interaction.

Think of them as small, specialized tools for your business, whether it's for taking orders, collecting feedback, or booking services. They're like having a tiny, easy-to-use mini-app for each job, making things faster and more straightforward for everyone.

Examples of our building blocks

Building blocks in use

Whether it's a digital menu, feedback form, product catalog, or spa reservations, our building blocks allow for the rapid digitalization of any customer interaction.

Restaurants can use a digital menu mini-app to allow customers to place orders directly online, reducing waiting times and increasing table turnover. Hotels can digitize their concierge service, allowing guests to book spa services, check out late, or access in-room digital services directly from their mobile devices.

Building blocks are more than just components of a digital solution; they are the foundation of a transformative customer experience.

By integrating them into your business, you unlock the potential for streamlined processes, enhanced customer satisfaction, and ultimately, a stronger digital presence.