About our journey and team

On a mission to build the easiest way for local businesses to digitize their customer interactions

We want to make it easy for any kind of entrepreneur or business to offer a digital customer experience with little effort, knowledge about technology, and at reasonable cost.

In 2022, having a website and social media accounts is not enough. A more integrated and measurable customer experience solution is needed to satisfy the ever growing and evolving demands of consumers as well as staying competitive in a fast-changing market.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to set up.

We are proud of our solution, which provides businesses the ability to launch apps in under five minutes.

Built by millennials with diverse backgrounds



Cofounder, CEO



Cofounder, CXO



Lead iOS Developer

With our talented remote team working out of 5 different countries around the globe we have managed to build a tool that is simple to use, affordable and really powerful.