How to create a Landing Page & Link in Bio within minutes

Share everything you sell, create and curate in one single view

Your business likely has an online presence on multiple platforms such as marketplaces, social media, website, blog, and other content platforms.

Bespokely lets you create a landing page that displays all the important information and links to those platforms. With one QR code or clickable URL, you can easily share your entire online presence with your audience.

Your customer experience viewing your landing page or link in bio

Here's how to create your landing page with Bespokely

10 ideas for how you can use a landing page or link in bio:

  1. Latest Updates: Keep followers informed with links to your blog or newsletter.

  2. Product Showcase: Display products and services with links to your online store or specific product pages.

  3. Service Promotion: Drive bookings with links to your website or booking platform.

  4. Social Boost: Increase your social media following with links to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages.

  5. Event Marketing: Sell event tickets and boost attendance with links to event pages or ticketing platforms.

  6. Donation Collection: Collect donations for your business or cause with links to your donation page.

  7. Reservation Ease: Allow customers to book reservations effortlessly with a link to your reservation system.

  8. Special Offers: Promote exclusive deals or packages to drive bookings and revenue with links to promotional offers.

  9. Menu Highlights: Showcase menu items and boost orders with links to menu pages or images.

  10. Event Awareness: Inform followers about upcoming events and drive attendance with links to event pages or ticketing platforms.

  11. Gift Card Sales: Boost revenue by offering gift cards with links to your gift card purchase page.

Landing pages and link in bios are valuable tools to promote your business, engage with customers, and drive bookings and revenue. Use them to direct your audiences to relevant content and opportunities and make it easy for them to take action.