How to offer a live chat in just a few clicks

Engage your audience with real-time chat, exchanging messages and files privately.

Leading with chat is a game-changer for businesses looking to scale support, offer a personalized VIP communication experience, and enhance customer satisfaction.

With our pre-built chat template, you can easily implement live chat and start engaging with your customers in real-time. Say goodbye to long email response times and hello to instant, efficient support that keeps your customers happy and loyal.

Your customer experience with the chat mini app template

Here's how to start offering chat with Bespokely

Our mini-app template for live chat simplifies the process of implementing chat functionality on your app or website. With just a few clicks, you can activate the template. Get ready to provide instant assistance and build meaningful connections with your customers. No coding or technical expertise required—get started with chat effortlessly.

5 tips on how to get started with live chat

  1. Train and empower agents: Ensure well-trained chat agents equipped with product knowledge to handle inquiries effectively.
  2. Set clear expectations: Communicate response times and availability to manage customer expectations.
  3. Leverage chat analytics: Use analytics to gain insights into customer interactions and improve support.
  4. Customize chat appearance: Offer chat via your website, mobile app or QR code scan on the go.
  5. Implement proactive chat invitations: Engage customers at the right moment to offer assistance and drive conversions.

Maximize the benefits of live chat and deliver exceptional customer experiences.