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Easily build itineraries and lists

Create mobile friendly recommendation lists and itineraries within minutes.

Recommend other businesses

Feature businesses you want to support and make it easy for your customers to take an action.

Use goole places API to speed up your process

When adding a new place, all information is populated by Google to make the process very seamless for you.

How it works

1. Set up

Add your recommended places and businesses

  • Our app is integrated with Google API to save you a lot of time adding details of places.

2. Publish

Publish your Lists and Itineraries

  • Our simple Builder tools makes it extremely easy to create recommendation lists and itineraries.

3. Share

Share QR Code or Link

  • Send your link, add it to your Social Media and Website. Print out and place your QR Code in highly visible places.

4. Benefit

Impress your customers with beautiful itineraries

  • Make it very easy for them to find the best places in your region. Save valuable time sharing individual tips or updating brochures.

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