Enhance Your Vacation Rental Experience: Digital Guest Solutions for Increased Bookings & Revenue

Transform your vacation rental with our easy-to-use platform—create digital guest brochures, streamline check-ins, and offer unique in-stay services to elevate the guest experience and drive direct bookings

Digitize your guest experience throughout their travel journey


Offer a digital guest brochure, sell additional services and capture important feedback, all with just a few clicks.


Drive more direct Bookings

Use QR-Codes and unique links to direct potential guests to your simple app, increasing direct bookings and reducing reliance on third-party platforms.

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👩🏻‍💻 Create a link in bio

📲 Use dynamic QR codes



Decision & Pre-Trip

Pre-Trip Planning with Guest App

Provide an interactive map with personal host tips, surpassing generic travel suggestions. Offer unique services like fridge stocking or surprise packages, and share important info about your rental.

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✨ Offer prepaid experiences

🗺 Share lists & itineraries


Effortless Digital Check-In

Simplify the check-in process offering guests a welcoming, hassle-free arrival. Allow them to submit necessary information through the app, saving time and enhancing the arrival experience.

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✨ Offer digital check-in




In-Stay Companion App

Equip your guests with an in-stay digital companion. Provide essential rental information, a contact form or chat feature, and the ability to book additional services or purchase products directly through the app.


Customizable Feedback Forms and future discounts

Gather valuable feedback via custom forms, and share exclusive discounts to encourage return visits. Enhance guest loyalty and receive insights beyond online reviews.

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😊 Capture feedback


Benefits of Our All-In-One Solution